Emme's Gems number 57

Emme’s Gems #57

The moment we stop blaming someone else for our circumstances…that moment when we stop chasing the solutions that are created by someone who doesn’t know ANYTHING about us…that moment when we…

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Emme's Gems number 55

Emme’s Gems #55

Why do we still have so many injuries that are NON CONTACT, related to the health of joints, muscles, bones, tendons and fascia (musculoskeletal)? More orthopedic surgeries (like joint replacements) than ever…

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Emme's Gems number 53

Emme’s Gems #53

We are bombarded with superficial fitness and health advice every single minute of every single day. The lack of focus and awareness is a recipe for making bad choices. Not learning and getting to know our own body, our…

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Emme's Gems number 52

Emme’s Gems #52

I know you want the balance, the core, the power and strength, the amazing graceful movements and the calm and focused mind, the happy-to-be-me feeling, the positivity and peaceful spirit. Yoga has an aura of promising those things many of us want, but only very few understand one of the key secrets…

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Emme's Gems number 51

Emme’s Gems #51

A dedicated and regular Yoga practice can have a positive life-altering effect on many areas of our life. There is a reason that this ancient tradition has survived thousands of years and been passed on from one generation to the next…

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Emme's Gems number 50

Emme’s Gems #50

As much as I have always enjoyed teaching group classes, I have at the same time been tormented with the feeling I could not serve each student in my class to their full potential…

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Emme's Gems number 49

Emme’s Gems #49

Ever thought about what the difference is between DOING Yoga and LIVING Yoga? Between doing Yoga exercise on a mat and being a Yogini living a graceful and fulfilling yogic lifestyle? Yoga is…

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Emme's Gems number 48

Emme’s Gems #48

So often in my many years of teaching yoga group classes, I have been left with this nagging feeling that this system of offering “all levels” classes is NOT serving our students well…

Have you ever asked yourself why studios/gyms offer all-levels classes?  Well, the first reason is…

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