Day 1 – My very first video

My first VIDEO message to you my dear friends

Here is to getting over yourself and getting out of our comfort zone

We are all in the same boat when it comes to doing something we have never done before. We wait, and hesitate and procrastinate and hesitate some more and then let the mind persuade us that we need more info, more time, more courage…

But of course that does not get us anywhere… right?
The only way is to rip off the bandaid or jump into the cold water…


We do it together, no matter if you are determined to get your body into a better place – less pain and more strength – create more balance or less stress in your every day life or level-up in your Sport. Without doing the work, nothing will ever improve and we will never know how far we could go.

The time is today, not tomorrow, not later…

I know we can do this…  I will be sharing some of my own challenges with this new online adventure and so you can see you are not alone. We will together apply the principles I teach in real time… This will be fun!

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