Emme’s gems #57

Being HONEST and taking PERSONAL responsibility for your health and wellbeing is a radical act of courage

Live Your Own Life

The moment we stop blaming someone else for our circumstances…that moment when we stop chasing the solutions that are created by someone who doesn’t know ANYTHING about us…that moment when we realize that the only way to get the body we desire, the peace we long for, the love we need in our life, is by taking personal responsibility for the hard choices that most of us don’t want to make.

That is the moment when we get empowered by an energy that comes from a place greater than ourselves…our Higher Self…the light within us…

That is the place where we can heal, where we find the balance, peace and calm to be able to go out every day and work toward the authentic life, that each one of us deserves.

That work that we do when nobody is looking…the one we do not do for the “likes.” Or because it’s cool or sexy, or new, or looks great in a social media post, or because our best friend is doing it. The one we do because we know if we don’t take responsibility for our own wellbeing, nobody else is going to do it for us.

Don’t settle…  Don’t give up…   Believe you can do the work and everything will come.