Emme’s gems #33

Letting go of past pains

is a radical act of


a valuable gift only we can

give to ourselves.

Radical act of Self Love

This week we talked in my #Emmesgems about letting go of what weighs us down, clearing our path to move forward in order to become the human we are destined to be.

Every time we stand before a part of our life that does not feel right anymore, we are misaligned and not in the flow of life.

We experience this in a very tangible way in our body when we start to dislike ourselves in the mirror or the way we physically feel, when we get injured in our Sport or when we start to label ourselves as old, as moving becomes painful or hard to bear.

We also feel it in our heart as an undercurrent of frustration or anxiety, and often even mentally we cannot point to what it exactly is. All of life is affected by it. I think the strongest of those strongholds are our past pains and hurtful life experiences.

The deeper the cut, the bigger the scar…and many of us keep tripping over that scar while we struggle to move on. We tend to look in all corners of the world or better yet, the internet for solutions “to feel better,” and there are a gazillion shiny promises that we happily latch onto.

But letting go of those pains is an inside job. It is not a one-day thing that we all of a sudden wake up to and the world looks completely different. I believe letting go is a process, a slow but persistent more powerful blooming of strength that replaces the pain or better yet transforms it. Allowing yourself to go through this process is not only freeing but a radical act of SELF LOVE. Nobody else can give this to us nor can we buy it anywhere on this planet.

I have encountered many students and clients that cry tears of release after an intense practice because they allowed those emotions to come to the surface. That is a beautiful testimony for a real mind/body/spirit practice and the first step to healing.

If you are interested in finding a guide to hold a safe space for exploration, send me a message and let’s get connected.