Emme’s gems #52

Practicing yoga poses

without learning the BASICS first

is a recipe for disaster

Special edition

Today Emme’s gems special edition:
So here comes a special secret lesson, the best yoga advice you will ever get:

I know you want the balance, the core, the power and strength, the amazing graceful movements and the calm and focused mind, the happy-to-be-me feeling, the positivity and peaceful spirit. Yoga has an aura of promising those things many of us want, but only very few understand one of the key secrets to reaching this promise:

PRACTICE THE BASICS as if your life depends on it!!!

Build a foundation, learn the basics, practice them, again and again, master one lesson before advancing to the next. Practice at home, regularly and with passion, don’t give up and most importantly DO NOT LET YOUR EGO GET IN THE WAY OF practicing the basics!!

Don’t know where to start? Feeling overwhelmed? Feeling resistance? Good, that is the first step to start asking better questions and maybe realizing that doing what everybody is doing might not get you there. Remember, don’t be a sheep. You know where to find me…Happy Friday to all of us.