Emme’s gems #20

Action is movement with intelligence.

The world is filled with movement…

What the world needs is

more conscious movement,

more action.

—B.K.S. Iyengar

The true essence of yoga

Today’s EG #20 honors our great Yoga Master B.K.S. Iyengar. He is by far my most favorite teacher, and I am drawing a lot of my teachings and understanding of Yoga from his wisdom and relentless quest for capturing the true spirit of Yoga during his lifetime.  

It often saddens me what we have made of YOGA in the mainstream sense, distorted and so misunderstood, focused away from the true essence of what yoga has to offer.

So my quest has always been to stay as close as possible to his teachings, no matter if is popular or not, because that is not the point.

For him, the starting point was always “intelligence” (body intelligence grounded in awareness) which he applied to all of yoga’s practices, especially the ASANA practice = the physical postures, which for most people is the only part they know about yoga. Intelligent movement = conscious movement = action.

That is the definition of action in the physical sense. Not just doing it, not just doing it somehow, not just copying the best way we know how, but learning to intelligently, consciously move your body is the only way to get to any progress physically, which then, in turn, can lead to a transformation of our mind and spirit.

If you make that mindset shift in your training, workouts or yoga practice, you will very quickly discover that this is exactly what I meant with yesterday’s EG #19 “to learn to speak your body’s language.”

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