Emme’s gems #40





Functional training and healing through movement​

Some of you who read my story on Monday know that my heart beats passionately for 2 groups: athletes (professional and non-professional) and people in pain.

I have often thought about why exactly these 2 groups, but the answer is very clear: that is exactly where I was at, at the beginning of my quest for health and wellbeing. I remember the pain like it was yesterday. Not being able to move, to teach, and having the pain take over my entire life, was a motivator I will never forget. Life stopped and with it my will to live. 2 years later, after surgery the pain was finally relieved.

I felt this was my second chance. It was MY chance to start back over, to do it differently this time.

I was determined to prove my doctors wrong and get my body back to move the way I always wanted it to move, with strength, balance and grace. And I knew how this felt because I had it before.

So it all started with a 600 page functional anatomy book and my desire to go deep. Of course I had no idea that this book would take me about 2 years to get through, but I believe these 2 years saved my life. Why? Because I went DEEP and not WIDE.

This time I did not just want to do the exercises the physical therapist let me do for 2 years. This time I wanted to understand what and why and especially how to move and train better. I learned about functional training and healing through movement. I found Yoga, I studied and grew by going deeper and deeper.

Maybe that is you today. Maybe the nagging injuries and aches and pains are getting a little bit worse from year to year. Maybe you have tried going to the gym, taken all kinds of classes, but if you are honest with yourself all these things have not addressed what you really need. And lastly if you are still reading this, there is this little voice saying there must be a better way of approaching this. If you are at that point, listen to your little voice and send me a message today. 

You know where to find me.