Emme’s gems #22

Holistic training is a

form of art

YOU are the artist and your body,

mindset, history, learning preference,

strengths and struggles are the

colors that create a unique

P.S. That is why no matter how much you follow

someone else’s training, the results will always be

uniquely different.


You are the artist

Holistic training is an immersion into our own physical body — our mental body and our emotional body. It is grounded in a natural curiosity to learn about ourselves and on the willingness and honesty to start where you are at that moment in time. 

The focus is to embark on a journey to yourself, to be able to enhance, heal, or improve your life. So who should train holistically?

  • Athletes, professional or amateur, who want to be able to practice and perform their sport on their highest level; do so injury-free; and be able to recover properly in order to do it again tomorrow, compete with confidence and without emotional turmoil
  • Any professionals with demanding and challenging stressors in their lives who depend on being in peak state physically, mentally, emotionally
  • People with injuries or physical/emotional pain who need to adapt a training regimen that is geared toward healing body, mind and spirit to be able to build up strength, energy and resilience
  • Anybody who is tired of jumping from one fitness fad to the next and is longing for a training of substance which doesn’t consume large parts of our days and give us a steady state of physical, mental and emotional balance

However, this is not accomplished by the five best exercises for…what ever you think you need. It is accomplished by finding an extraordinary coach/teacher whom you trust and who can guide you safely on that transformational journey you embark on.

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