Emme’s gems #49


(it costs you nothing)

Be Kind

Little weekend inspiration: 

BE KIND…it costs you nothing!!!

Ever thought about what the difference is between DOING Yoga and LIVING Yoga? Between doing Yoga exercise on a mat and being a Yogini living a graceful and fulfilling yogic lifestyle?

Yoga is reflected in my attitude, in my beliefs, in my actions, in my choices, in my words, and in my thoughts…I choose it deliberately EVERY DAY…I practice it diligently EVERY DAY.

Start by being kind RIGHT NOW. Not tomorrow, or next week. Not when everything is going your way, but because it doesn’t. Not when it’s easy, but especially when you don’t feel like it. Not when there is a condition attached, and we expect to be rewarded, but because we have the power to give some else the gift of kindness from our heart. WHY? Because you CAN!

You might make someone’s day a bit brighter. That is YOGA for me. Happy weekend my sweet Yoginis.