Emme’s gems #34

If you stand like a duck

and walk like a duck,

you probably won’t be able to


like a leopard.


Do you stand like a duck?

Today’s #emmesgems #34 is another reminder how body awareness can be a critical component of pain-free movement, no matter if you are a Golfer or Tennis player, or if you are exercising for a healthy and energetic lifestyle, or if you are practicing Yoga regularly.

Start learning to pay attention HOW your body moves. As a result, you will learn a lot about yourself and what you need to improve. It’s an easy and free tool for self-evaluation and a fantastic starting point to create physical change.

So tonight's invitation is to LOOK AT YOUR FEET.

Start noticing how you stand on your feet and examine if your toes like to turn out habitually. Walk towards a mirror from a few meters away and look at the positioning of your feet while walking. Do you have an equal distribution of body weight throughout the entire foot or primarily only the inside of your feet? Especially in Yoga classes, where many Asanas require us to balance on our feet in complex positions, it baffles me how little preparation exercises we get taught to take care of the foundation of all vertical movement: OUR FEET.

Ever thought that your hip or back pain could be related to the positioning and misaligned functioning of your feet? Know of any strengthening exercises for your feet to improve your running performance? Or how about some self-myofascial release with balls on the sole of your foot? Or mobility practice for the ankles, anyone? 

If all of this sounds like a foreign language to you, or you think that this is not important for your athletic performance, you might be surprised. So give your feet some love tonight. Get to know them and start paying attention how you move on your feet. Let me know what you find out!

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