Your Body Speaks to Me

Emme’s gems #21

You don’t need to tell me

much about yourself;

your body language,

posture and the

way you move

tell me everything I need

to know.

Your body speaks to me

I love the human body in motion. I read anatomy and movement literature in nightly sessions, that keep me up half of the night because I can not put it down. I have studied my own body ever since I wasn’t able to move pain free, more than 25 years ago, when I had my back surgery.

The fascination of a system that is so intelligent, yet intuitive, and the fact that we still don’t know and understand everything about the human body, is sheer mind-blowing to me.

All those years of watching people’s bodies in training, before during and after they have learned to move with awareness are fascinating. When they walk in for our session, talk to me casually before they focus on the training, I have trained my eye and intuition to recognize things that speak louder than what my clients and students share with words.

Our body reveals so much more… the pain, the desire to feel whole, the history, the colors, the frustration, the protective spirit, the adaptions which have happened over many years and the deep longing for a better feeling in our body.

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