Emme’s gems #27



  • do it immediately
  • use old skills
  • copy & imitate
  • immediate fun
  • relying on method
  • external awareness
  • follow the crowd
  • feed your Ego
  • mainstream popular
  • no growth
  • cultivate entertainment




  • requires learning
  • develop new skills
  • retrain
  • challenging
  • taking responsibility
  • internal awareness
  • question & discern
  • tame you Ego
  • increasingly rare
  • learn & grow
  • cultivate value

Try deep diving

I often tell people I am a DEEP SEA DIVER. And what I mean with that is that I teach and train people by diving deeply into the desired subject. No matter if that is stretching, sports conditioning for athletes or healing our emotional wounds or wanting to learn yoga.

I believe by immersing ourselves in the process of learning and growing, we are retraining ourselves and replacing those old patterns that do not serve us anymore. Only then real change will happen. And that is what everybody is looking for…real change…lasting change…sustainable change…change that becomes who you are and not what you are doing. 

I call that Deep Training versus Shallow Training.

We live in a world where we are enticed to believe “doing a program” will get us to a specific solution to something we are struggling with. But when I look at my clients and students, I can see that many of them have done programs, have “tried exercises,” have gone to yoga classes and started all sorts of methods which promised us to get us there. 

But it seldom does. If those worked, we wouldn’t have so many people still searching for solutions. Most people are not getting closer to lasting change because they prioritize shallow training over deep training.

So I created the Emmefactor Inner Circle Immersion to serve everybody who does not want to train ONE INCH SHALLOW but is curious and ready to dive deeply with me into understanding, awareness and transformation.

Together we are creating something of lasting value, that changes with you while you develop your skills. Does this require thought, energy, time, concentration, effort, and patience? Absolutely yes! And will this change the way you look at training and yoga forever? Yes, it WILL!

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