Emme’s gems #38

There isn’t anything

that cannot be made easier

through constant familiarity

and training.

Through TRAINING we can

change, we can

transform ourselves.


—The Dalai Lama


Today’s #emmesgems #38 is a Sunday rumination before we go back to the starting line tomorrow into the new week.

I believe any choice we make is motivated by something: for example, the desire to get to a better place in any of the 4 areas of our life we draw energy from: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual;  pain of where we are at this moment in time; or a purpose to make a difference in this world for the greater good of the collective. All of these motivations have in common that they require us to grow beyond our current limitations commonly called our “comfort zone.”

We need to get creative, find new ways we have not traveled before, take risks and get acquainted with the unfamiliar while we are passing through this process of growth. And the best way to make the unfamiliar familiar is through constant repetition and putting yourself exactly into that situation that “feels” unfamiliar/uncomfortable.

I have called this ‘the path to grace,” and it is at the core of all of my teachings.

We can train ourselves in virtually anything: heal our pain,  change our posture,  get physically and emotionally stronger, learn to meditate, create peace in our mind, get confident, love our body, win that tournament, etc. if the motivation is big/pressing/priority enough for us to get up and do the work. I love the way our beloved Dalai Lama has expressed this.

So going into this new week please take a moment today to determine and focus in which area of your life you are resisting against the unfamiliar, and how valuable, consistent training in this area would be.

If you want to learn more about this principle of training, you know where to find me.