Emme’s gems #44

Study the

essence of Asanas

and you will

receive the

gift of transformation


The lost art of Asana

Most everybody who comes to practice yoga has a personal and specific reason for wanting to take up this ancient art of living. In my 20+ years of teaching people I have observed two main groups of desires:

1. to feel better in our body (stronger, more limber, energetic, pain-free, confident and capable)

2. to destress our stressful, mental, spiritual and emotional demanding every day lives to find peace and contentment.

However, it is not as simple as copying postures the best way we know how. That is a very simplistic and entirely ineffective way of taking up yoga. Maybe that was your first encounter with yoga, but what if there is way more to the Asanas than you ever knew? 

What if I told you that learning the ESSENCE of the Asanas would get you to enhance virtually every aspect of your life, no matter if you practice yoga ‘full time’ or as a ‘supplement’ to your other activities.

First, we need to understand that the practice of Yoga is an ancient ART form, which requires us to learn, study and develop physical skills to be honed in daily practice. Each posture or technique has a specific intention which I have named the ESSENCE OF THE POSE.

This essence is designed to develop something within us that we need to safely perform those postures AND hone those skills that each Asana wants to teach us. There are physical skills like strength, mobility, balance, etc. as well as spiritual, mental, and emotional skills like patience, persistence, acceptance, etc.

Over 20 years I have developed the Emme Factor as a method to study, learn and practice the Art of Asanas for the sole purpose of transforming our body to be able to calm the mental and emotional turbulence in our everyday lives. This is NEXT LEVEL YOGA.

Interested? Curious? Stay close dear friends as I will be launching online teachings, live and personal over the next few weeks.