Emme’s gems #51

If you want your yoga practice to help you

heal your pain,

get fitter & stronger,

be balanced and less stressed,

find confidence & peace within,


before you practice

Evaluate what you need

A dedicated and regular Yoga practice can have a positive life altering effect on many areas of our life. There is a reason that this ancient tradition has survived thousands of years and been passed on from one generation to the next.

However, if you are interested in receiving those life changing effects through your yoga practice, we need to start by assessing or evaluating where YOU are in this moment in time so we can create a path that is addressing YOUR needs instead of following the herd.

If you have no clarity what you need and how to learn it, no amount of yoga classes will get you anywhere.

Just like any athlete who trains without a clear understanding of where she is in the NOW cannot effectively train toward a vision or goal in the future.
Don’t be a sheep, get a great teacher, a coach, a mentor…and watch the magic happening.