Emme’s gems #55

If we want to help people get out of pain or make them better athletes we need to start training them holistically.

“Copying exercises the best way I know how”

DOES NOT have the power to facilitate the changes that so many are looking for.

Slaying the illusion of a "Quick Fix"

One of the questions, that keeps coming up when I talk about the exercise/fitness/yoga boom we have experienced in the past decade is:

Why do we still have so many injuries that are NON CONTACT, related to the health of joints, muscles, bones, tendons and fascia (musculoskeletal)?  More orthopedic surgeries (like joint replacements) than ever, more pain medicine administered than ever, and more people who only secretly admit that they struggle with anxiety, depression, and a constant and relentless search for answers for the underlying discontentment that they find is overshadowing their lives?

What do you think…