Emme’s gems #54

Quality Movement

IS the

Elixir of life

Quality movement

There are two primary reasons for the work I have been called to pursue so passionately for now more than 25 years.

1. to help people get out of physical and emotional pain through physical training & awareness.

2. To educate and inspire how to age gracefully, feel amazing in our bodies no matter what age and maintain a graceful spirit in mind and heart. 

If I had to distill the essence of these two motivations into one key factor it would be ‘quality movement’.

A lot of my work is re-training people to move differently in workouts, on the yoga mat as well as their habitual daily movements. The challenge is to provide a mirror for them to realize that they are moving a specific way. That is not a fast quick fix solution and in the beginning sometimes can be painful because our perception of how we move (in training or in daily life) is notoriously unreliable. Clients can get their “Ego poked” a bit by looking at the way they move and learning some of the reasons why they are stuck or cannot get to the next level. 

Finally realizing “Wow, I had no idea this is how I am training/working out/practicing”, is a marvelous awakening.

I do this with detailed video feedback. Educating my clients about the priceless value of body awareness & quality movement.

If you find this intriguing, send me a short video where I can clearly see your movements while working out or practicing yoga and I am more than happy to provide you with a detailed feedback of where you could enhance your movement quality and learn to truly FEEL what it means to ‘brace the core’, ‘lengthen your spine’, ‘experience stability in balancing exercises’ and many more…

Can’t wait to see your videos…