Emme’s gems #28

We all get enough


Don’t look for it in others nor in

every corner of this world.

It is within us!

Use it without worry for

tomorrow we will have it again.

Strength and Grace

Talking to my students and other people about what they are trying to get out of their training and yoga practice, I often get a similar answer. STRENGTH!!

This feeling that no matter what life throws at us we can handle and deal with STRENGTH and GRACE.  I believe that is one of the motors that drives people to take care of themselves. And it gives our training and practice a meaning beyond the physical strength which allows our body to feel amazing. It provides us with the motivation to hang in there when we don’t feel strong because going through challenging times is the best way to hone our strength.

I love the concept of “the strength within” and always have taken those lessons I learn on the mat to enhance my choices, actions, and thoughts off the mat.

Once you realize that practicing yoga or our sports conditioning training from this foundation of knowing that our strength is within us, we gain an amazing advantage that helps us to deal with pain, injuries, insecurities, doubts, and confusing thoughts and feelings.

And that goes way beyond just doing exercises in the gym…that is holistic training.

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