Emme’s gems #36


with yourself

opens the door to

creating peace

in your life


Did you know that April 30th is Honesty Day? It was created as a day to ask direct questions without ulterior motives and expect answers of occasionally brutal honesty.

I would like to focus this day on Self-Honesty. This is a concept which in yogic philosophy is studied under the term SATYA or Truthfulness.

There are many of us who expect our yoga practice to help us gain peace and balance in our lives, mostly related to how to deal with stress in our daily activities, professions and relationships. It is the number two reason why people want to pursue Yoga. But do you think this is mainly achieved by sweating on your Yoga mat?

Instead sit down quietly and ask yourself to be brutally honest. To look at what IS right now in this moment in time, where you want to go, what you are scared of, what is hindering you, and what action steps need to be taken and how can you help yourself rather than hindering your progress. I call this “getting out of our own way”. This is a practice I do consistently not just today as a self-care technique to keep myself on track:

Am I willing to be honest with myself and evaluate where I am today with my body, my heart, on my professional journey, in my relationships, the balance in life I am seeking or the goals I want to reach?

If I have the desire to change any of these parts, am I willing to learn the skills, and take the necessary action steps consistently, over an extended period of time to reach my goals? Am I willing to do the work? I believe these are in a distilled form, some of the toughest questions one can ask themselves…they are at the core of spiritual awakening.

But you don’t have to do it alone as I am right here with you. One step at a time…Happy new week dear friends.