Emme’s gems #45

My dear Yogini…

do not allow life’s events to be an excuse NOT to practice

No excuses

Today’s EG #45 is a glimpse of my work with my clients: 

Here is my answer to a client of mine who today – in a check-in with me – shared how she had to modify her training/practice routine due to unexpected new professional assignments which created pressures and new responsibilities in her schedule. She did this beautifully and with a clear mindset of not letting LIFE get in the way of taking care of herself and prioritizing her training:

“Thank you for sharing your continued practice and the way you maneuver challenging daily demands with your sincere desire to stay fit and feeling your best in your physical body. It is impressive to see how you despite the fact that time is precious -and there is always something more important that demands our attention- have mastered the mental mindset of practicing no matter how you feel, no matter what else is going on in your life and no matter how few precious minutes you have each day for your practice. 

This is so much more than most people do who claim they want to be in a better place in their lives.

So I applaud you from my heart for hanging in there each day, doing your practice and not letting life’s events be an excuse not to practice.

While it is immensely tempting to continually look for a CLASS to give us the input, motivation, and accountability, it also teaches us to turn off our brain, to turn over responsibility for our wellbeing, health, and happiness to someone or something else. It teaches us to become dependent on someone guiding us, rather than us acquiring the skill of practicing on our own. 

In my opinion, only the Yogis who fall in love with the practice and discipline themselves to a mental attitude of diligence NO MATTER WHAT are the ones who practice YOGA, anything else is just dabbling….so BRAVO to you Kimmie, it is a delight to watch you grow…and I am right there with you.”