Emme’s gems #43

There are some

things one can only

achieve by a


in the opposite direction

–Franz Kafka

Understanding ourselves

We are bombarded with information about how to live a healthy and happy life. Yet we have never been more confused and overwhelmed by how to achieve this. There has never been a time where we had to sort through more conflicting data, opinions, and advice than in these days.

Even for me, as a lifelong fitness, health, and yoga professional, who has dedicated her whole life to studying the human body, movement and yoga, I feel empathy for everyone who has to make the right choices for their own body, mind and soul and sort through all the clutter which is offered.

So what CAN we do if we want to feel better in our body again, move pain free or allow for peace and contentment to enter into our lives? I explain to my clients all the time that without evaluating where we are in that moment in time, without digging deeper into our own Body, Mind, and Spirit, without understanding OURSELVES, we cannot even begin to make a choice that is informed by precisely what WE need and not what someone else says we need.

We need to start asking more questions, rather than looking for more answers.

What would happen if I critically evaluated if that what is offered, is really right for me? If I learned new principles of how to take care of my body rather than follow a method without really understanding WHY?
Close your eyes for a moment and ask: ‘How would life feel if I had clarity about my path, if I understood which turns to make at which point, if I could rely on this inner guide to assist me each day to move me forward to the place of my Highest Self? How would life feel then?

That is the essence of the Emme Factor: a deliberate leap in the opposite direction and I will be right by your side.