Emme’s gems #50

No, I don’t teach

random-all-level-catch-all-copy-the-best-way-you -know-how-drop-in-or-pop-up-whenever-it’s-convenient-style-yoga-classes.


As much as I have always enjoyed teaching group classes, I have at the same time been tormented with the feeling I could not serve each student in my class to their full potential.

Lovely souls found their way into my classes looking for CHANGE.

All I could give in a crowded group class was a generic random offering that quite honestly does not have the power to change an individual’s life sustainably. Why? Too many times people fall back into old habits, with their bodies, thoughts and spirit because they are not taught well. They come to class for 5 years still having a hump in their back and twitching in the stillness. The autopilot is too strong if we are not taught properly. I call this ‘doing yoga somehow’.

Have you ever had thoughts like this in a yoga class:

* I don’t understand what to do here
* Why can’t I do this
* I feel like a failure
* I will never be able to DO THIS
* How can she/he do it and I can’t
* I am so tired, exhausted, I don’t have the strength to sit upright, etc.

These are common thoughts in any regular yoga class, and I promise you, you are NOT alone with them. We all have them, and I believe it is the teacher’s job to address and help us overcome them, guide us to a different place, out of the habitual thoughts into new territory. 

But how often is that addressed in class? Why not? Because it is uncomfortable and requires us to let go of the old and make room for the new. And that is scary.

For that, we need trust, a safe space and an environment where we can let down our guard.

Quite difficult to create in a crowded group class where the teacher is not even able to see everyone let alone help you. Don’t get me wrong, going to yoga class is better than not practicing at all. But I believe we can and have to do better. Especially as teachers.

 For me, Yoga has been and always will be PERSONAL. I believe with all my heart that there are many more of us out there who are curious about a personal yoga, eager and ready to learn and already realizing that merely “going to class and copying yoga poses the best way we know how” is not going to get us to the magic.