Emme’s gems #35

You can’t find a


if you don’t know

what you are

looking for

Do you understand your own body?

The premise is we WANT to FEEL good. Have no pain, experience no hardships, be healthy, live happily and in peace with ourselves and in our relationships. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Now often, people turn to YOGA to get to this goal. And surely, yoga has the power to turn our life around in every single aspect: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

But here comes a question to ponder: How shall we improve or grow in our bodies, if we do not have a clear awareness of ourselves?

Without understanding our own body, knowing WHY or HOW to move a certain way, we are practicing in the dark…simply imitating movement the best way we know how, cannot be the best way to heal myself, get stronger and live mindfully.

Yesterday I taught different hip movements in a mobility series in one of my classes, and I highlighted the importance of protecting our sacrum. The sacrum is mentioned in many yoga poses and we hear instructions around it in many yoga classes. But when I started digging deeper and asking questions about where they thought their sacrum was and what it was for and how to protect it during movement, especially yoga postures, we discovered that they really didn’t know at all. So we did a little excursion into the sacrum;
what and where it is in their OWN BODY;
* what role it plays in our upright position;
* why it is such an important part of our body and the reason for so much lower back pain;
* how we can move to prevent back pain during exercise and daily movement, etc.

Now my students can take home valuable knowledge which will help understand why their lower back might hurt, how to practice to heal, how to train to better prepare for their next race and how to prevent getting hurt along the way.

They now can teach this to their kids or family members, or co-workers.
Can you imagine what a positive impact this has on your entire life, if you keep learning those things in a yoga class?