Posture and Movement Awareness

Emme’s gems #19

Posture and movement are

your body’s language.

Learn to speak it.

otherwise you are just babbling.

Speak skillfully

My dear friends, today’s EG #19 comes with a little sprinkle of tough love. Being a yoga teacher/coach/trainer for more than 20 years, and having worked with thousands of bodies over those decades, there is one common thing I witness all the time which pains my heart.

Very few people realize that without a foundational level of movement and posture awareness, there cannot be effective change or growth in our physical body. Not in Yoga, not in functional training, not in rehab nor in performance sports conditioning. Period.

There seems to be this collective thought, that all we have to focus on is to show up for class and/or exercise, learn the best way we can to imitate exercises, then somehow miraculously, within a few weeks we will get to “have a different body”.

It is unfortunately not as simple…showing up is the BASELINE. It is kind of like the toddler stage, where the toddler starts crawling on all fours to start exploring the world.

It is the starting point to even be able to build something: Yoga, Golf, healing our injuries, and to live life with more strength, balance, and grace.

But once we show up, we have to learn about our own body, to learn to use parts which have not been used in decades, to retrain first and foremost our BRAIN to even be able to start using our body differently again.

So think about your posture and movement awareness as a language we need to learn first, before we can properly communicate with all other forms of movement/exercise. The more you can understand your own body, movement and posture, the more precise, effective and efficient your training will be. Otherwise, what do we have? A toddler who is just babbling.

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