Emme’s gems #24

I think B.K.S. Iyengar

would agree:

my yoga is a little


= daring, unorthodox, radical

just like he was.


Today’s EG #24 is for my amazing group of Yoginis in my Inner Circle, who bravely and consistently have been showing up now for 6 weeks with curiosity and passion to get beyond their comfort zone. 

Yoga on a whole new level!

  • Bravo to all of us for committing ourselves and not hiding in our comfort zone
  • Bravo for learning more “yoga on and off the mat” in 6 weeks than in years before!!!
  • Bravo for daring to dive deep
  • Bravo for showing up with strength and passion
  • Bravo to a STRONGER CORE in 6 weeks than ever before!!!
  • Bravo to exploring our mindsets with honesty and humility
  • Bravo for doing homework and getting it done  💪

You are awesome and our yoga is “avant-garde.

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