Emme’s gems #39

It’s never just



Body Awareness

A little food for thought for this new week: We athletes like to think of muscles as this separate entity which we can train, mold, strengthen, stretch, foam roll to enhance our performance or ease our physical pain. It is one of the the most mentioned and discussed anatomic body parts in the fitness/health/training world.

However, a single pointed view on improving certain muscles is not very effective, and the faster you understand that the quicker you will be able to take your physical training/workouts to the next level.

Muscles work in pairs. They work in teams, called muscles chains. They are one part of a fascinating network of many additional players, like, e.g. ligaments, bones, joint capsules, fascia and not to forget our NERVOUS SYSTEM, all designed to work TOGETHER just like a classical orchestra. It is never just one muscle!

And while our nervous system allows us to willfully use our muscles (and not our ligaments, fascia bones or joint capsules), some muscles do the MOVING while others are STABILIZING your skeleton during your workouts involving more players like gravity and your posture. Understanding that, you will find that all exercises quickly become “full body movements.” Anybody interested in making ANY movement a CORE EXERCISE? And that, in turn, can make your workouts so much more effective and efficient. And how do we learn to use all those parts in a most harmonious way?? Anybody???

Yes, through BODY AWARENESS.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

And I will not get tired of teaching my clients and students about this one key element, which divides our training with intelligence & wisdom from “copying the best way we know how.” 

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