Emme’s gems #32




Letting go

As a little follow up to Monday’s Emme’s gems # 31, we had a beautiful visualization practice during Shavasana last night in my Inner Circle Group. 

“Letting go” is a practice we often encounter in yoga classes. However, as easy as this sounds on paper, or when the yoga teacher says:” Inhale and now exhale,” it is infinitely harder to implement in our life. And I see too many people struggling with how to move forward with their body, mind, and spirit, especially in yoga classes.

Practicing how to use the feeling of letting go of the physical body after a vigorous yoga practice or workout to learn how to get aware of our mental and emotional strongholds is a wonderful start to dive deeper into understanding which obstacles lay in our path.

Therefore we first need to clear our path of many things that might stand in our way. Mental and spiritual obstacles like these for example:

  • old thinking patterns
  • old movement habits
  • people whom we have outgrown and cannot go with us on our new path
  • places we used to go to, but now serve no purpose anymore
  • old expectations (our own and others)
  • limiting beliefs that we cannot do it
  • living on autopilot/lack of awareness
  • past perceived failures
  • emotional hurt and pain.

These obstacles are interesting for athletes who want to take their game to the next level as well as non-athletes who long to take care of their body to get more energy and joy back into their life.

So our take away for today:
Purge, cleanse, let go, cut out, detox, purify, clear, erase, declutter, empty out, free, unclog everything that stands in your way to evolve to be the woman or man you are destined to be…CLEAR YOUR PATH!

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