Emme’s gems #26

If you have a clear

mind and an open

heart, you won’t have

to search for direction.



Mind, Body and Spirit

Today’s EG # 26 is inspired by Phil Jackson, one of the best team sports coaches on this planet.

His coaching philosophy is best summed up in one word “holistic”.

He believes in the importance of the mind and the spirit in Competitive Sports. He has been teaching not only his team but also the world that athletic success is the sum of an approach that intrinsically involves body, mind, and spirit as a unit.

So many amateur athletes and weekend warriors are looking to gain a competitive edge. They are looking in all corners of the world for techniques, gadgets, and methods to gain that advantage. However, if we learn to look inward, we have an ocean of competitive advantages right within ourselves.

Being able to focus mentally and having a clear spiritual direction about yourself and the part we play in our Sport is as vital as going to the gym and conditioning our body in the best possible way. And not only that, but it is the deciding factor in winning or losing. We all know that.

That is the Emmefactor, your competitive advantage through Holistic Training. For me and obviously for Phil Jackson, this is the key to a whole different level in any Sport as well as in LIFE.

I believe once we get serious about our goals we will come to this conclusion at some point during our journey (hopefully sooner than later) Have you?

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