Power Balance and Grace

Emme’s gems #23

Supplementing your yoga practice

with other training

techniques & methods to enhance

power, balance and grace

is as brilliant as supplementing

your athletic performance with a

dedicated yoga practice to enhance

power, balance and grace 🤓.

Don't give up

Today’s EG #23 does not need many words to explain. I thought about it when I was posting my last post about stability. How grateful I am to be able to do what I do with my body, more than 25 years after my doctors told me, after back surgery, I would most likely not be able to get back to enjoying an athletic lifestyle.

I proved them wrong and found joyfully that no one technique can give you everything you need at all times. So cross-train smartly and LEARN, LEARN, LEARN from different methods that can help your unique body be the best she/he can be.

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