On and Off Our Mat

Emme’s gems #25


“Be patient, my dear heart, for you are growing every day a tiny bit.

Be still and blossom without worry or haste.  All is being revealed in its own time.

Trust the process, search deeply and allow the

lesson to come to you.

Breathe and keep moving bravely

one step at a time.”

On and off of the mat

In an amazingly honest and open session yesterday in my Emmefactor Inner Circle Yoga Immersion, we realized how and why our yoga practice could be so much more than poses on the mat. When starting to take a deeper look, we notice how often we mentally get into our own way. And how much of our beliefs and thoughts influence our physical practice on our mats. These things are rarely ever discussed in a yoga class, but if we don’t bring them to the light, we will stay with them in the dark.

Our asana practice is the mirror in which we have the chance to see clearly who we are on the inside.

The struggles we face when the fog is lifted are an amazing opportunity for growth.
So we have to start with patience and bravely, taking one step in front of the next and the next and the next…there are no shortcuts to learning and growing. We are receiving the next lesson when we are ready for it…not sooner and not later.

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