Emme’s gems #31

And suddenly I knew…

it was time to


of the things weighing me

down and trust the

magic of my own heart

A Leap of faith?

Today’s EG #31 is the core of what I have learned in an extraordinarily challenging and uplifting mastermind conference last week @Jillfit #elevate18.

Throughout our life, we have phases where we are asked to level up – physically, mentally and spiritually. I believe deep down we all feel or better even “know” when we are standing before those next level life situations. There are always two options we can take.

Option A – take a leap of faith and plunge into the unknown, which is risky and uncertain. 

Or option B – retreat back into our cozy comfort zones and persuade ourselves that we are okay here, which of course we are not.

This can be true for our profession, relationships and most importantly for our personal development as a human being. The realization that all we want is on the other side of our comfort zone, comes with a price. The price is letting go of the backpack we have accumulated over many years. This backpack contains our life experiences and resulting judgments, our past pains, our self-imposed boundaries, and limitations. And IT IS HEAVY!

So, here is what I did…let go of my backpack which kept me grounded to the ground and too heavy to fly.

Over the past week during my road trip, I have practiced a visualization with the Mantra ‘Letting go of my backpack’. One breath at a time I unpacked each heavy piece accumulated over years, looked at it with curiosity and asked myself if I needed to keep carrying it around with me. The answer was always clear and the only thing I decided to take with me was the lesson that this life situation has taught me. The life lesson was not heavy at all; it was light and airy.

I feel differently coming back home than leaving for this trip. What a gift we receive when we look at ourself in honesty and curiosity, all the answers are right there in front of us, aren’t they?

Who has experienced anything like this in your life and found when you let go of the things that weighed you down, life took off in magical ways…