Find Someone Who Challenges You To Step Up to Your Potential

Emme’s gems #16

If you want to train or work out like a

professional athlete you have to start with

body and movement awareness

to improve the quality of your workout.

Find someone who challenges you to step up to your potential

Ok let’s think about this for a moment…if we want to raise the level of our workout, training, yoga practice or any other practice for that matter, lets look at what those individuals do who are professionals in these areas.

Let’s take for example professional athletes, ballet dancers, or orchestra musicians. What do all of them have in common?

They have become the best in what they do not by just training SOMEHOW. They DO NOT simply imitate their craft “the best way they know how” and hope to get the best results. They hone their skill level by:

  • Extensively and I mean EXTENSIVELY learning how to improve on their movements
  • They do this through body and movement awareness practice to create high quality movements
  • Constant feedback by their personal coach
  • An intense mental focus during workouts and training
  • Almost obsessive attention to detail in their execution of how they train

So now, even if we are not professional athletes, how can we use this approach in our quest for less back pain during our Golf rounds? Or not having to hide our nagging injuries in shoulder and arm during our tennis matches? How can we practice yoga to really get the benefits of this amazing practice and not just try to imitate what the teacher seemingly flawlessly presents to us?

We find an extraordinary teacher/coach, who helps us to develop body and movement awareness. Who helps us to not only THINK that we are “engaging our core” during our plank, but who makes sure that we learn how to actually do it. Someone who helps change our posture so we don’t reinforce damaging movement habits and patterns during our workouts. Someone who teaches us how to breathe. Someone who challenges us to step UP and not just COPY exercises.

Everybody can copy the best way we know how (and truthfully that is exactly how most people workout and train)…but maybe YOU are the one, who now realizes that you are done with that and start looking for a better approach to reach your goals. Just think about it…

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