Emme’s gems #53

Training needs to be


as your fingerprint

Getting to know yourself

We are bombarded with superficial fitness and health advice every single minute of every single day. The lack of focus and awareness is a recipe for making bad choices. Not learning and getting to know our own body, our attitudes and beliefs, our biases and what our deep motivations and intentions are really made of, create a feeling of constant intense overwhelm and never ending stress…we try to escape it with the next yoga class, the next 30-day challenge, the next new thing that pops up in our social media feed.

Are you willing to keep paying the steep price of an aging body, and overwhelmed mind and a sad spirit who has lost the passion and joy for life?

What if your training would be an intimate dialogue with yourself?

But what if the time and effort you spend in the gym, studio, working out, practicing would be focused on learning and getting to know YOURSELF. What if the training itself is the process of changing your life? How would it feel if there was TIME to learn and grow, to pause and reflect, to dive deeply and stay passionately committed to it?

What would be the result of 1, 3 or 7 years of committed and disciplined practice? Can you see where you would be then?

That is the Emme Factor, holistic training for the individual who realizes that there are no 5 best exercises for a body who feels amazing at any age and that training needs to be as personal as your fingerprint.