Emme’s gems #17

The best thing you can do right now

for yourself is


Live reality

Today’s EG #17 is the answer to the hypothetical question: “What advice would you give if asked for the one thing one can do right this moment to improve their life quality immediately?”

Unplug! To unplug by definition means: * disconnect by removing its plug from a socket. 
* remove an obstacle or blockage from.

Do it NOW‼️ not later, not tomorrow…now. Life is precious my dear friends. Unplug and remove those obstacles that keep us from being in the flow of our life.

UNPLUG from the device you are reading this from right now.UNPLUG from your worries. UNPLUG from your fears. UNPLUG from your doubts. UNPLUG from the negativity all around us holding us hostage. UNPLUG from the noise and clutter. UNPLUG from shame and guilt. PLUG into silence. PLUG into your breath. PLUG into nature. PLUG into faith. PLUG into love. PLUG into gratitude.

Happy Sunday to all of us and I am unplugging now. Talk to you again tomorrow.