Emme’s gems #18

Ask yourself today,

What is really important

and then learn to create your life

around the answer.

What is at the core of your struggle?

Today EG #18 is one of the questions I ask my clients to dig deeper into what drives them, what excites them, what is at the core of their struggle and what is merely on the periphery.

Most people who come to me are at a point in their lives where they often have tried different approaches and paths to a healthier, pain-free body or better athletic performance, and have not gotten the results they have hoped for.

There are many reasons how they get to that point. However, I often encounter that most of us have not really defined what is essential in our lives and because of that, the path to take is unclear. By defining what is important to us, we learn to prioritize how and where to spend our time and energy. We all have a finite amount of daily energy at our disposal. So, without this evaluation, we are fishing in the dark, and no yoga exercise can give us the answer to this question. This is an internal process which guides the decisions we make on a daily basis.

Take a moment and ask yourself:
“How important is my physical health?”
“Is my emotional wellbeing important?”
“Do I want to make peace with this nagging injury, which over time will only get worse than better?”
“Will going to the gym or a group class get me to the changes I desire to make?”

With honesty and clarity about these topics, you can stop wasting your time with things that will not work for you and start a process that will require constant learning, patience, and consistent practice, but will get you on the path to an entirely different trajectory in your life. Think about it…

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