Welcome to the Emme Factor

Being thrilled beyond words to finally start reaching beyond the physical boarders of my beloved studio and connecting on a broader level to like minded life enthusiasts.

The Emme Factor is my evolution of 25 years of studying and teaching movement in body, mind and spirit, founded on a blend of the traditional principles of yoga, modern scientific approaches to training, mental balance and emotional stability, and my personal journey of life containing countless lessons I have and still am learning.

My vision for the Emme Factor is, that we have a space to share our stories; to learn and study together; to ask the questions that are burning in our hearts and dig deep to find the answers; to celebrate our passion for life, movement, training and yoga; to challenge our comfort zone physically, mentally and emotionally; and to learn to connect to the higher self within us, awakening to live life to the fullest with awareness, joy, curiosity, courage and passion..without regrets.

You are invited to explore and enjoy…from my heart to yours 💕

There is no “other time” than NOW

With love and joy,
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