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My story

The spark for my lifelong desire of helping people feel better in their own bodies

started in my early 20s after a lower back surgery in 1993 which was the end result of two years of excruciating pain, which felt like a lifetime to me. No physical therapy attempts or conventional conservative (non-invasive) approaches yielded any betterment. The medical prognosis after surgery was that I most likely would not be able to get back to my athletic activities the way I was used to. That was the moment I knew I had to get out there and participate actively in my own body’s healing.

So I embarked on a lifelong journey of healing and found a deep passion for the human anatomy and its biomechanics.

I love learning how our bodies influence the way we feel and what decisions we make in our lives. I found that with understanding and conscious awareness of our postural alignment and the way we move (or not move) through our daily lives, we have not only the power to feel great in our bodies, but to influence our mind, our spirit and our heart as well. And isn’t this ultimately the foundation to health and happiness and the peace of mind all of us are looking for?

More than two decades later, I have proven my doctors wrong and found the ancient art of Yoga along the way.

I joyfully blend an ancient Body, Mind and Spirit philosophy with techniques of modern movement science and mental training and passionately follow my gift that has guided me from the beginning.

I am a teacher, a coach, a mentor, a trainer and a lifelong researcher who cares deeply about giving my students and clients in each and every session something they can take home and apply into their lives. I call them “tiny wheels”, that we set into motion (movement) together. Some are physical, some are mental, some are spiritual…

I believe those tiny wheels have an impact on our lives and the power to change the trajectory of how we live those lives,

“A chair can not stand on one leg. You can only sit on a chair with at least 3 legs. This is true for our path to personal growth. If we only take care of our body we will not be able to sustain a balanced and healthy lifestyle or achieve the success we are are aiming for. But if we integrate the body, with our mental strength and the power of our heart, we will be able to find what were are looking for.”

into a different direction, if only applied with understanding, patience, passion and a heart that is determined.

The Emme factor is the result of my life’s journey and my clients’ stories, which keep amazing me…they are daily proof that everybody is uniquely special and nothing works for everybody the same way. And that with guidance and awareness there is a path for all of us to healing, happiness, success, love and peace…

If you are interested in reading more about my bio, be invited to keep reading the extended version.

My Bio (extended version)

Emme has been studying, practicing and teaching in the field of movement for most of her life. As the daughter of a professional athlete, she grew up in Germany with athletics being an important and joyful part of every day life as well as discovering her unique gift for Ballet and Modern Dance and expressing her emotional world through dance. Her dream of making this her profession ended when she was about 18 years old.  She was told that despite the fact she was blessed with an extraordinary talent for dance, that she did not have the genetic disposition to go through the vigorous physical demands of becoming a professional Ballerina.

Sure enough, in her early 20s she had to undergo spinal surgery for a herniated disk which at that time was a much more risky endeavor, and had impaired the ability to use her left leg for 2 years. It left her with excruciating pain, which could not be relieved. Doctors professed that she might not be able to go back to any athletic activity after surgery. This painful experience was the birth of a lifelong quest for learning to understand the human anatomy and focusing on how movement can improve our health, wellbeing and happiness and ultimately our whole life.
She began studying human anatomy on her own, specifically functional anatomy as it pertains to the biomechanics of human movement and found a way to train herself within the next two years to not only get her body back to athletic activities, but be in better shape than ever before.

The next 4 years she spend studying Sport Science and the Rehabilitation and Prevention of Sports Injuries at the Deutsche Sport Hochschule in Cologne, Germany’s most prestigious Sports University.

Already during that time she worked as a personal trainer, however, she experienced soon that the conventional way of training, elite or non-elite athletes, she had been using, only got her clients and herself to a certain point. Intrigued by watching her struggling clients and how their psychology influenced the result they were after, she knew there had to be a better way that would reflect a holistic way of training, which incorporates not only physical movement, but also “mental and emotional movement”, which is the only way of how humans create lasting change.

That was the time when Emme discovered the ancient art of YOGA, which changed her approach of training completely. The yogic principles became a lifestyle which proved that one cannot separate the Body, form the Mind and the Heart. She began to incorporate the principles she learned through Yoga and Meditation into her work and very quickly found enormous success with her clients, who now ranged from every day fitness enthusiasts to corporate professionals, over celebrities, to professional athletes.

Ever since, Emme has been studying and practicing extensively in the Iyengar Yoga tradition with teachers in Europe and the USA. She received her Yoga Teacher Training certification RYT 200 through the Yandara Yoga School of Washington, USA in a 6 week yoga retreat in Mexico in 2006 and became a Master Yoga Teacher RYT 500 through Marcel Stöckli, Yogashiva, Zurich, Switzerland in 2012.

In 2008 life events brought her to reside in the USA, and she fulfilled her dream of opening her own studio SouthSideYoga in the suburbs of Atlanta in 2009. The last 8 years she dedicated herself passionately to offering high quality yoga and TRX Suspension Training classes integrating the ancient principles of yoga with modern scientific training approaches to help her students transform their lives in an area of no other comparable offerings.

Her lifelong passion for athletics and the ongoing curiosity of staying up to date on developments in the professional training world, has sparked her`to also become a certified TRX Suspension Training Master Trainer for Individuals, TRX Suspension Training Master Trainer for Group Training, as well as TRX Suspension Training Master Training for Sports Medicine.

Along the way she is also became the founder and director of EMME YOGA her Yoga Teacher Training school and has conducted and certified yoga teachers in Stockbridge, Georgia in the last 2 years.

Today she spends most of her time in her private practice, training, coaching and mentoring individuals, who have made a decision to seek out Emme for help to feel better, be stronger, healthier, and more confident, successful and in alignment with the life we want to live. She also offers and applies techniques from other alternative medical healing methods, like the proper use of essential oils for therapeutic benefits as well as modern recovery techniques like self myofascial release and massage.

Her work is now founded on 20+ years of rigorous study and practice and on more than 10,000 hours of teaching and training over that time period. She has touched thousands of clients and students in many places of the world and finds deep purpose and fulfillment in striving for excellence in seeing her students not only practice and train her principles but thrive in life.

In that time her method of training, coaching and teaching people of all backgrounds, ages and conditions through movement about life has evolved and grown, yet still remains deeply founded in the principle that through awareness of how we move and train our body we often find a path to train our mind, and also find our heart too, which ultimately lead us to a healthy, successful and balanced life.

Emme considers her whole life a testimony of how life leads us on the right path, if we only get ourselves out of the way and get in tune with the flow of life. One of her life mantras is

“Nothing in life happens by accident. If we open our Heart we can see the lesson in everything we experience in our lifetime.”

She had the good fortune of being able to travel extensively and live in different places in Europe and the USA. Emme is trilingual and speaks two more languages on a conservational level. Currently she resides in Atlanta with her European boyfriend and her two dogs and soulmates Leo and Lilly, who have been closely by her side since 8 years.