Note from Emme

First, I’d like you to know that I find it impossible to use words to fully describe the transformative power of this work.

Words can only go so far these days – the Internet has injected much skepticism into our world, with many people feeling like they’ve heard it all before. The downside of our information-driven culture is that there’s just too much of it for anyone to process. There are millions of coaches, trainers, teachers and therapists of all kinds saying basically the same things. So, as humans with limited time and attention, we filter out anything that sounds like something we’ve heard before.

This section is about the topics my clients need help with, and it is indeed necessary, but it’s only going to matter to you if you already have a feeling about working with me — either from a referral from a friend or from reading the invitation on the home page and the client success stories. The stories of my clients and students say more than I ever could about the efficacy of the healing power that I have been honored to bring to the world. Invariably, those who show up really ready for a big, positive change in their lives are able to experience the magic as it happens.

So, if you already have even a small feeling of possibility and wonder — or a big sense of being truly ready,

this section will show you the structure and options of how I may work with you to reach your goals. Without that feeling, this section may be much less exciting… in which case I recommend reading more client stories and coming back to this later.

I bring my work to you in four ways. When we talk, I will make recommendations for your specific situation, but this is a good overview of what I offer and how it may enhance your life.