Warming up for TRX practice by jumping rope

The Emme Factor

“Once in a while, if we’re really lucky, we meet someone who can help us change our life for the better. Initially, with no proof, our minds may fight against this intuition… but this feeling of possibility, often accompanied by a nudge from a quiet inner voice (yes, the one that always tells us the truth), gives us pause. The decision to explore this further could be one of the most important we ever make.

Emme is that person. A teacher, a coach and a practitioner of healing arts who regularly leaves her clients in wonder and disbelief – relieved as their pain diminishes or disappears; elated as they experience a newfound freedom of movement; empowered by an untangling of old patterns that were holding them back; or surprised by their ability to meet their world with an enhanced confidence to be who they truly are… or even the simple satisfaction of seeing their golf game take a quantum leap – for the people who engage her, Emme is indeed a blessing.

Emme could not write these words, being far too humble for self-promotion. Instead, when asked about her work, she gladly celebrates her students’ and clients’ stories of transformation, all of which give her deep and unabashed joy. Ultimately, this joy is the power source of Emme’s true gift – one she shares with those who are truly ready for what’s possible, who know that there must be a way to feel better, stronger, happier and more alive. That is her gift, that is the Emme Factor.”

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