Therapeutic evaluation


Private therapeutic sessions focused on getting you out of pain, whether physical and/or emotional and especially when nothing else has worked.

I meet you exactly where you are, and we create a plan together from there — you are unique, there is no formula that is right for everyone. You’ll get what you need and nothing else.

The source of the pain that leads clients to me can be obvious, like an old injury, misalignments that create debilitating migraines, or a recent surgery… or, it can be a mysterious pain that needs to be identified and addressed.

Whatever the case, first and foremost, people come to me for relief — and I’m happy to report that my clients start experiencing positive results in our first few sessions. One of my greatest joys is seeing them smile as they tell me they’ve stopped taking pain-killers.

Just about any source of pain can be identified, worked on, and reduced or often even eliminated. I rarely encounter a situation that cannot be improved substantially.

The therapeutic movements and exercises I will teach you are informed by my lifelong passion and study of anatomy and sports science and will serve you for years to come, empowering you to maintain your newfound health, and restore your joy of being alive.

What you will receive and learn:

  • learning and understanding your individual physical anatomy, and personal biomechanical distinctiveness and the reason for your pain
  • individual programs for pain relief (e.g. for musculoskeletal misalignment, back and neck pain, fibromyalgia, arthritic conditions, physical injuries to joints, aging and lifestyle related physical pain that cannot be addressed in regular workout regimens, etc.)
  • retraining your everyday movement as well as athletic activities to correct postural misalignment and pain free movement
  • post rehabilitation programs to restore pain free movement after major surgeries and/or injuries
  • yoga and meditation techniques to relieve and transform anxiety, depression, stress related pain and burnout
  • sessions will incorporate yoga, functional training, TRX suspension training, meditation, and alternative therapeutic element like self-mysofascial release techniques and the use of essential oils to facilitate healing depending on the client’s needs