Emme's Gems number 27

Emme’s Gems #27

I often tell people I am a DEEP SEA DIVER. What I mean by that is that I teach and train people by diving deeply into the desired subject. No matter if that is stretching, sports conditioning for athletes or healing our emotional wounds or wanting to learn yoga.

I believe by immersing ourselves in the

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Emme's Gems number 26

Emme’s Gems #26

Today’s “Emme’s gems” is inspired by Phil Jackson, one of the best team sports coaches on this planet.

His coaching philosophy is best summed up in one word “holistic”.

He believes in the importance of…

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Emme's Gems number 25

Emme’s Gems #25

In an amazingly honest and open session yesterday in my Emmefactor Inner Circle Yoga Immersion, we realized how and why our yoga practice can be so much more than poses on the mat. When starting to take a deeper look, we notice…

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Emme's Gems number 24

Emme’s Gems #24

Today’s “Emme’s gems” is for my amazing group of Yoginis in my Inner Circle, who bravely and consistently have been showing up now for 6 weeks with curiosity and passion to get beyond their comfort zone.

Yoga on a whole new level!

Bravo to all of us for…

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Emme's Gems number 23

Emme’s Gems #23

Today’s “Emme’s gems” does not need many words to explain. I thought about it when I was writing my last post about stability. How grateful I am to be able to do what I do with my body, more than 25 years after my doctors told me, after back surgery, that I would…

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Emme's Gems number 22

Emme’s Gems #22

Holistic training is an immersion into our own physical body — our mental body and our emotional body. It is grounded in a natural curiosity to learn about ourselves and on the willingness and honesty to start where you are at that moment in time.

The focus is to embark on a journey to yourself, to be able to enhance, heal, or improve your life. So who should train holistically?…

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Emme's gems number 21

Emme’s Gems #21

I love the human body in motion. I read anatomy and movement literature in nightly sessions, that keep me up half of the night because I can not put it down. I have studied…

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Emme's Gems number 20

Emme’s Gems #20

Today’s “Emme’s gems” honors our great Yoga Master B.K.S. Iyengar. He is by far my most favorite teacher, and I am drawing a lot of my teachings and understanding of Yoga from his wisdom and relentless quest for capturing the true spirit of Yoga during his lifetime.

It often saddens me…

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Emme's Gems number 19

Emme’s Gems #19

My dear friends, today’s “Emme’s gems” comes with a little sprinkle of tough love. Being a yoga teacher/coach/trainer for more than 20 years, and having worked with thousands of bodies over those decades, there is one common thing I witness all the time which pains my heart…

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Emme's Gems number 18

Emme’s Gems #18

Today EG #18 is one of the questions I ask my clients to dig deeper into what drives them, what excites them, what is at the core of their struggle and what is merely on the periphery…

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