Video Messages

My favorite stretch for improving posture

Here comes one of my go-to stretches which I teach to all of my clients and students. It can be practiced anywhere, anytime and has the power to dramatically improve your posture.

Learn how to do it correctly to get the most out of this stretch.

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Day 5 – We can do it

Here comes Day 5 of my video recording adventure…

My wish for you this week was for you to see that I am living proof of the fact, that we all can reach for something in our life, which we have been fearful of or didn’t have the courage or energy to start…

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Day 4 – Consistency

As you know my homework is to practice making videos for you to get to know me better… So here comes my next video DAY 4.

Today’s lesson of the day is CONSISTENCY. So in the spirit of consistency, please enjoy DAY 4 of my new video journey…

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Day 1 – My very first video

We are all in the same boat when it comes to doing something we have never done before.

We wait, and hesitate and procrastinate and hesitate some more and then let the mind persuade us that we need more info, more time, more courage…

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