Day 4 – Consistency

As you know my homework is to practice making videos for you to get to know me better… So here comes my next video DAY 4.

I created this one yesterday in my studio, which was quite a different experience than shooting on my trail walks with Leo and Lilly, but it needed a little bit of editing. Therefore I am sending it out today.

I am learning a ton !!!!!

Every day I get more pieces to the puzzle how to make better videos for you and I think it already shows signs of improvement from DAY 1 to DAY 4… If that is not a lesson in “get over yourself and just do it” then I don’t know what is.

Why do I share all of this with you? What can YOU take away from my story?

I know in my heart from listening to my clients and students that you also have areas in your life that you want to improve or learn to get to the next level.

And making that courageous step of starting a new journey with commitment and then following through is one of the biggest stumble stones for most people.

The beginning is often the hardest for everybody who wants more health and balance in their lives, who wants a body that feels strong and graceful, more confidence or peace or love in their lives and certainly everybody who wants to take their game to the next level!

Today’s lesson of the day is CONSISTENCY. So in the spirit of consistency, please enjoy DAY 4 of my new video journey…

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