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Once in a while, if we’re really lucky, we meet someone who can help us change our life for the better. Initially, with no proof, our minds may fight against this intuition… But this feeling of possibility, often accompanied by a nudge from a quiet inner voice (yes, the one that always tells us the truth), gives us pause. The decision to explore this further could be one of the most important we ever make.

Emme is that person…

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Yoga and Holistic Training

How I work with You

One-on-one coaching

Private coaching/training sessions for Individuals & professionals locally in the North Atlanta area.

Virtual one-on-one coaching

Private coaching & consultations via virtual meetings online.

Group coaching online

A private circle of like-minded individuals training together in a hybrid of in-person and online sessions.

15 min Free Phone Consultation

Schedule a quick phone/facetime conversation with me to get some direction and guidance for your personal situation.

"My clients’ stories are my art work."

This exhibition is to honor them and inspire courage, strength, hope, beauty and grace in others.
Their dedication, commitment, tears and laughter is what I am passionate about.

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