Performance coaching


Individual Performance Coaching sessions help you reach higher, achieve more and increase productivity with a clear mind and renewed energy.

In these coaching sessions, I serve mostly individuals who have a professional need to improve either their physical body’s performance, or are at a place in their lives where they are ready to work on getting to their next level of success.

Often clients who are attracted to this work are professional athletes or business executives, who surprisingly, have many things in common. They come to receive fresh new input that serves to enhance their physical, as well as mental routines. They come for inspiration and guidance in finding a new, expanded vision, and to learn techniques that dramatically improve their performance in sport or profession.

Attributable to both groups, these individuals work with me to embody the mental and physical prowess and agility of a leader. Does that sound like something you could use?

What you can expect:

  • professionals or athletes taking their game to the next level
  • retraining and updating training habits that are outdated or do not serve the client anymore
  • sports conditioning through functional training, TRX Suspension Training and Yoga to reach physical peak performance
  • getting unstuck mentally through awareness techniques, meditation and breathing exercises
  • learning to play pain free and get your body and mind to a place where you are ready for the next level of your sport
  • developing mental strength through confidence coaching and motivational mentoring
  • getting JOY back into your game
  • remote sessions via online coaching available