Emme's Gems number 47

Emme’s Gems #47

Today’s “Emme’s Gems” is a reminder that life is teaching us lessons – all the time – whether we want it or not. Everything we go through contains the opportunity to either level up or…

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Emme's Gems number 46

Emme’s Gems #46

A lot of people associate Yoga with ‘bendy poses’ young long-limbed bodies and Cirque du Soleil-worthy contortions in front of the most stunning locations this planet has to offer. (Thank you IG and social media!) I have been watching this trend over the past 5 years closely, and as a result most…

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Emme's Gems number 44

Emme’s Gems #44

Most everybody who comes to practice yoga has a personal and specific reason for wanting to take up this ancient art of living. In my 20+ years of teaching people I have observed two main…

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Emme's Gems number 43

Emme’s Gems #43

So what CAN we do if we want to feel better in our body again, move pain-free or allow for peace and contentment to enter into our lives? I explain to my clients all the time that without…

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Emme's Gems number 42

Emme’s Gems #42

We all know these thoughts and the quiet desperation that leads us to chase the next program, diet, retreat, fitness fad and yoga class, plastic surgery and tons of make-up and new clothes. Until we wake up one day and realize…

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Emme's Gems number 41

Emme’s Gems #41

Some call this intense…But this is MY STANDARD, and nobody can do this for me. It is an internal process of expectation, and the best thing is…

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Emme's Gems number 40

Emme’s Gems #40

I was determined to prove my doctors wrong and get my body back to move the way I always wanted it to move, with strength, balance and grace. And I knew how this felt because I had it before…

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Emme's Gems number 39

Emme’s Gems #39

A little food for thought for this new week: We athletes like to think of muscles as this separate entity which we can train, mold, strengthen, stretch, foam roll to enhance our performance or ease our physical pain. It is one of the most mentioned and discussed anatomic body parts in the fitness/health/training world. However…

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Emme's Gems number 38

Emme’s Gems #38

We can train ourselves in virtually anything: heal our pain,  change our posture,  get physically and emotionally stronger, learn to meditate, create peace in our mind, get confident, love our body, win that tournament, etc. if the…

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