Emme's Gems number 17

Emme’s Gems #17

Today’s EG #17 is the answer to the hypothetical question: “What advice would you give if asked for the one thing one can do right this moment to improve their life quality immediately?”…

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Emme's Gems number 16

Emme’s Gems #16

Ok, let’s think about this for a moment…if we want to raise the level of our workout, training, yoga practice or any other practice for that matter, let us look at what those individuals do who are professionals in these areas…

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Emme's Gems number 15

Emme’s Gems #15

Today’s EG #15 is a little reminder that most of us have been in challenging situations before in our lifetime. And we came out of the tunnel back into the light…

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Emme's Gems number two

The Superpower of Small Changes

The path that got us to where we are now is not going to get us to where we want to be, right?

Any change is preceded by a change in the choices which we make.

So we have to start somewhere else and do the small changes which will create different habits.

This is the story of one athlete, a tiny-little-super-power-wheel, a chicken head and what happened in the bathroom…

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Emme by tree

An unexpected start into the New Year

How do we navigate around the obstacles and the sometimes quiet suffering, so many of us call our life? How do we create an experience that is grounded in connectedness and awareness, where our decisions are based on knowledge and wisdom, where we have clarity and faith in the path we have taken.

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Live the best life you can live

Welcome to the Emme Factor

The Emme Factor is my evolution of 25 years of studying and teaching movement in body, mind and spirit, founded on a blend of the traditional principles of yoga, modern scientific approaches to training, mental balance and emotional stability, and my personal journey of life containing countless lessons I have and still am learning.

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